Services Provided


Homemaker service consists of general household activities provided by direct support professional to a participant who is functionally unable, but would normally perform age-appropriate homemaker tasks, or if the caregiver regularly responsible for homemaker activities is temporarily absent or functionally unable to manage the homemaking activities.

Community Living Supports

Community Living Supports is provided to facilitate independence and promote integration into the community for a participant residing in his or her own home or in his or her family's home. Additionally, be supports and assistance that shall be related to chosen outcomes, not be diversional in nature, and may include: routine household tasks and maintenance;  activities of daily living; personal hygiene; shopping; money management; medication management; socialization; relationship building; leisure choices; participation in community activities; therapeutic goals; or nonmedical care not requiring nurse or physician intervention.


Respite is provided in a variety of settings by a direct support professional to an individual who is unable to independently administer self-care, does not receive residential services, and resides in their own home or family's home. Respite is on a short-term basis due to the absence, or need for relief of a non-paid primary caregiver. 


Personal Assistance

Personal assistance services is provided by a direct support professional which shall enable a participant to accomplish tasks in the participant's home or in the community that the participant normally would do for himself or herself if the participant did not have a disability. The participant lives in their own residence or in the participant's family residence. Tasks include:  hands-on assistance (performing a task for a participant); reminding, observing, guiding, or training a participant in activities of daily living; reminding, observing, guiding, or training a participant in instrumental activities of daily living; assisting a participant in managing the participant’s medical care including making medical appointments and accompanying the participant to medical appointments.

Residential I (Staffed Residence)

Residential I services are provided to up to three participants in a staffed residence by a direct support professional. Services provided include: services that promote adaptive skill development; assist with activities of daily living including; bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, or maintaining continence; promote community inclusion; promote adult education supports; promote social and leisure development; provide protective oversight or supervision; provide transportation; and provide personal assistance.

Residential II (Family Home Provider)

Residential II services are provided by a direct support professional in a family home setting. The Family Home Provider (FHP) assist individuals in performing the functions of daily living with as much independence as possible, ensuring the individual’s health, safety, and welfare. Under general supervision, to guide individuals to be self-directed by teaching decision making skills and encouraging independence as defined in each person’s person-centered plan of care including but not limited to: support with ambulating, dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, bathing, meal planning and preparation, laundry, home care, budgeting, financial matters, etc...